Almar Kanda


Almar Kanda at age 6, inspired by the amazing dancers on TV and all over popular media began his dance journey. Self taught with help from his older brothers he started competing in neighborhood street battles and training with great performers from around town making a name for himself in the community. At the age of 9, his mother wanting to further push his talents sent him to a studio where his love for dance only grew. By 16 he was already a captivating performer in the entertainment industry, working for many big brands such as L’Oreal and HP.

With the help of amazing trainers and mentors such as Jouney Steenkamp. Erica Bradley, and Adeline Muller he has gone on to win many dance titles around the country with Multiple SA Championship titles In the ISDL Classic, Latin, And Energy styles as well as become a co-author of the ISDL Street Dance Syllabus, all before the age of 19. Now a teacher sought after around the country, a choreographer of fresh and unique prize winning routines and yet still that same inspired 6 year old in love with his art. 

“You get artists, you get athletes, but with a dancer you’re dealing with both thus when an individual just continues to push their artistic and athletic potential to the limit… That’s when the magic happens. That’s what I love to see.” – Almar Kanda

  • Weddings Weddings We understand the importance of this very special day. We will personalize your choreography for your opening dance in a private, stress free environment with choreography structured to suit your personal needs. We endeavor to make your special day memorable.
  • Lyrical and contemporary Lyrical and contemporary Lyrical dance is a style of dance created from the fusion of ballet with jazz and contemporary dance techniques and is a "cousin" to those styles. Lyrical dancing is normally performed to music with lyrics that inspires movements with strong, expressive emotions.
  • Social Social Social dancing blends the discipline of Ballroom and Latin American dancing into a relaxed and lively social class setting. Perfect for stealing time away to dance with the one you love.
  • International Solo Dancesport International Solo Dancesport Unique to South Africa and gaining international recognition, Solo Danca offers you everything and more in one class environment. See our 12 fabulous styles that we teach from ages 6yrs and older.